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One of the largest video streaming websites in the world is PutLocker. It is mainly popular for streaming media like TV-Shows and Movies. There are dozens of legit looking copycats available for this site, so for using the original link, you need to understand that for sites like PutLocker, things can change rapidly. They usually set up outside the jurisdiction of the US and European authorities. The site hosting is done through multiple sources and the owners do not typically reside in those countries. The typical method of operation is to work under a domain till it gets shut down and then moves under a new domain name, after few days. They usually prefer country extensions and have names like,, etc., in the past.

PutLocker website hosts an index of multimedia files which are available online. These files can be downloaded, viewed and streamed from this site. It acts as an active directory of links to file hosting services and sites. Though a wide variety of media is supported for streaming movies and TV-shows.


Though the site has a long history of run-ins with the law in different countries and this is why you see a string of different domains and extensions are used as Putlockers. These tactics avoid being blocked and if the site does get shut down, then it can replace quickly. Like Kodi, this site typically links to illegal or pirated content and nearly responsible for around 17% of all illicit movie streaming which led to significant media and legal attention. For this, PutLocker’s domains have been seized multiple times and the site regularly moves to new countries for seeking safety in less strict piracy laws. You will get to know more about this from the Putlockerreviewsthat is available in the site itself.

As their success is entirely due to massive piracy and downloading content which is pirated and illegal in most first-world countries, so using PutLocker involves several risks. Between the site age and the legal issues they have, it can be considered as an absolute fact that they have a target on them as far as the MPAA is concerned. As they have gone through a series of domain change, so it’s also difficult to find the original PutLocker. Most of these imposters are a clear danger to your computer and the most benign will flood you with advertisements.


Using of PutLocker is not advisable. Nowadays, their sites list plenty of blatantly copyrighted movies and TV-series, but not a single will play. On clicking a title, the site will take you to another page that doesn’t look suspicious and if you click on the play button on this page another ad will pop up. Another server list may available, but on clicking them only ads will come up and nothing will be played. So this is all that remains of PutLocker and they making money off of residual traffic. So it’s better to avoid this site due to the track record of legal issues, site changes, safety issues and the concerns that go with piracy. You can always check the Putlocker reviews for beyyer updates.

There are some Putlockers alternatives available like SolarMovie,, etc.

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