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Single mid-level executive women are finding themselves thrown out of the workplace by the hundreds of thousands, as the North American labor crisis grinds on and on. Unable to sell their “upside-down” homes, in which they owe more on the mortgage than the home is worth, they are finding themselves battling unemployment and the threat of foreclosure and homelessness.

The odds of finding traditional work is still stacked against these women because of their age, previous earning history, education, “over”-qualifications, and the overall lack of demand for their services.

Still, these professional working women didn’t get where they were by doing nothing and waiting for something good to happen. Savvy displaced businesswomen know how to make lemonade out of lemons, and they are turning their terrible experience, maturity, and probably experience in raising their own children to a new profession: they are getting nanny jobs.

Nanny jobs help displaced executive women solve many problems all at the same time. First, a full-time, live-in nanny job can help solve the immediate problem of housing. She can then claim bankruptcy if needed, or just let go of the unaffordable house through a short sale or even through foreclosure, and get on with her life. Relieved from the stress of needing to maintain a sterling credit record to rent an apartment she can’t afford anyway, nanny jobs can be a useful and life-affirming alternative to moving back home with the now aging Mom and Dad. this can be avoided if they have tried to access to シンガポール 就職活動 マニュアル.

Parents can benefit significantly from having a displaced executive woman as their nanny. A mature executive is used to dealing with other adults on a businesslike, professional, and courteous manner. She is applied to contracts and expectations, and usually has proper business etiquette and negotiating skills. She will command authority with the children because of her age and her confidence and will have a lifetime’s worth of experience in handling crises in all sorts of situations. Likewise, she is highly unlikely just to leave the parents and the children in the lurch!

Female executives taking nanny jobs can provide a tremendous example for children, not only because of their experience in the workplace and the world of business but also as a personal example of endurance, courage, and flexibility. Depending on their experience, they can make excellent tutors or advisers to children of all ages, and may even have some useful business contacts for the parents this they can access to シンガポール 就職 情報.

Young boys can get used to respecting the authority of women, and young girls get a chance to see a powerful woman in action, even if it’s doing something as simple as showing her how to form an effective school presentation. Why has nanny shows your children how to do “show and tell” with chalk, when an executive nanny could teach them how to do it in Powerpoint, complete with Excel spreadsheets? An executive nanny can train the children to answer the phone and take messages properly, how to use correct English in emails and text messages, and how to run their lemonade stand at a massive profit, while simultaneously destroying their competition on the next block. If you have teenagers, a nanny can role-play with the children about dating and curfew negotiations, give her driving lessons, how to polish a term paper, how to deal with a demanding teacher, and how to fend off unwanted suitors. In short, displaced female executives taking nanny jobs may be one of the best and most seismic shifts in the childcare industry taking place today.

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