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If you have been following the trend of the digital marketing world for a few years now, you would realize that one of the major factors of having an SEO-friendly website is Customer Reviews. Although there are few ways of making your local customers leave their feedback on your products and service, the most reliable way to reach an international audience is by subscribing to reviews sites.

Many review sites are all about getting their commission and not really putting in the right amount of work into making startups go international. However, a few honest and objective ones like British Reviews website website still uphold the standard of what these reviews websites should be about.

In Britain, competition in every sector is alarming. Only companies and startups that are smart enough to understand that the word-of-mouth idea of marketing boost up the reputation of your product stays above others. Frankly, there isn’t a business person that invested any amount of money to always record losses monthly. So you see why everyone needs a deliberate step in advertising their brand?

For a customer to post a review on BritainReview, they have to read and accept the guidelines provided then give a desired star rating to the brand reviewed. BritainReviews then takes out the falsely suspected reviews with an algorithm and publishes the legit ones on their page. This is because most companies have recently complained of reviews by false or automated identities, not giving them a fair chance in the competitive market.

In the case of multiple reviews posted by one customer, the algorithm sums the ratings and gives an average star rating to the brand. This is to tackle instances where a brand owner claims the client patronize their services more than once. These reviews are programmed to appearing date order. To help prospective customer knows when a brand is fading off its quality in service. Reviews could also be search browsed by a star rating on BritainReviews. People who post a lot of reviews get high prominence on the platform.

BritainReviews also give rooms for startup brands to create their business page and operate as members of the platform. The website also grants businesses access to features that allow them to track the reviews of their customers and send private replies to their reviewers.

Just like we established a fact about lots of review sites online, there are also review sites that specialize in certain business categories. There is TripAdvisor, which specializes in travel reviews especially holiday-related ones. The popular Zomato is also a specialist review site for restaurants and food businesses. One advantage of BritainReviews is the wide range of businesses they get affiliated to the review site. The website is like a central for reviews in all Britain and across international bodies.

There are also retailers’ websites known primarily for selling products. Recently, they now have an option for customers to share their reviews. Amazon is so far the biggest retailers’ website because it houses millions of brands and publishes their reviews.

Post Author: Ali Haley