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Your Own Electronic Tools – Shield the Ecosystem

Are you a gadget freak? Are you bristling with the latest gizmos? I never regarded myself a gizmo individual but my loved ones point out that I am – I have a SLR digital camera, a good iphone, a number of personal computers and a Satnav product. It does not seem to be that much to me personally, but as my spouse is a technophobe she sees things in a different light. Read more here amazon deals.

Different individuals appear to have much more than that yet, hey, my spouse and children name me a gadget geek therefore I guess I am. I’m also “environmentally friendly” – I prefer to think I recycle and reuse products when I can. I know I could be better. Significantly better. But – I in no way consider the “eco-friendly” aspect when purchasing devices.

I do not really know if it is very … Read More

Cheap Travel Insurance for Tough Times

When money is tight it can be a real challenge to budget and stash away enough hard-earned cash for a needed holiday. Once there is enough in the pot to actually plan a holiday you are faced with the dilemmas of agreeing on a destination, deciding how to get the most for your money, and then choosing the best cheap travel insurance to protect your investment.

Solo world travellers and younger travellers can save a bundle of money by taking out cheap backpacker travel insurance. (Did you know that we consider ‘young’ to be those aged up to their mid-forties?) No matter what age you are, it is vital that you declare all pre-existing medical conditions. There is no point paying for insurance cover you don’t need, so carefully choose the correct policy for your needs from the different levels of backpacker cover. A cheap backpacker policy should always provide … Read More

Bangalore to Delhi Flights – Cheap, Convenient And Less Time Consuming

There has been a boom in the domestic aviation sector which has allowed various flight companies to try out their hands. This has led to an increase in the number of flights, thereby, making traveling easy and fast. Delhi and Bangalore are two major cities in the north and south of India respectively. With nearly 25 to 30 daily flights from Bangalore to Delhi, connectivity between these two cities has improved immensely. Starting from as early as six in the morning to late at night, you can easily book Bangalore to Delhi flights according to your convenience. Flight bookings can easily be done through agents or can directly be booked online through the official website of the concerned airlines. This has made the whole process hassle free.

With a huge number of private airlines coming into the scenario, this sector has become highly competitive. It is this cut-throat competition that … Read More

BritainReviews: The Transparent Reviews Website

If you have been following the trend of the digital marketing world for a few years now, you would realize that one of the major factors of having an SEO-friendly website is Customer Reviews. Although there are few ways of making your local customers leave their feedback on your products and service, the most reliable way to reach an international audience is by subscribing to reviews sites.

Many review sites are all about getting their commission and not really putting in the right amount of work into making startups go international. However, a few honest and objective ones like British Reviews website website still uphold the standard of what these reviews websites should be about.

In Britain, competition in every sector is alarming. Only companies and startups that are smart enough to understand that the word-of-mouth idea of marketing boost up the reputation of your product stays above others. Frankly, … Read More

Download Free Recent Digital Marketing Campaigns

Driving Yield in the Digital Shelf Space

Download Free Recent Digital Marketing Campaigns

Yesterday the folks at AdExchanger published a great interview with DiJiPOP Founder & CEO Ji Kim. Covering everything from where digital shopper marketing is headed and the other players in the space, it’s a great overview of how ecommerce media and the monetization of digital shelf space is changing everything.
In case you missed it, here it is again. Let us know what you think in the comment section below, or schedule some time for a one-on-one assessment of your digital shelf space today.
: What problem is DiJiPOP solving? And, please define “digital shelf space.”
JK: We help retailers and brands better merchandise and increase sales by applying in-store shopper marketing practices to their online and mobile stores- where consumer go first when they start shopping.
We are fixing the marketing spend for retailers and their … Read More