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NJ Cashless Store Bill: Need a Bad Credit Merchant Account?

New Jersey legislators have recently passed a bill that’s against businesses that ban consumers from using cash for making purchases. This makes New Jersey one step closer to regarding cashless stores as illegal in the state. Are you running a cashless store? Do you need a reliable and low cost bad credit merchant account? This article is here to help get the best for your business.

NJ Lawmakers Protecting Cash-Paying Consumers    

The bill makes New Jersey the 2nd state standing for the protection of cash-paying customers for making purchases. The bill is to be applicable only to POS purchases. It doesn’t refer to car rental companies, as well as mail, telephone and internet sales.

Those who violate the bill will be fined up to $2.500 for the 1st time and $5.000 for the 2nd one. More than 2 violations will fall under unlawful practices due to the state’s Consumer Fraud … Read More

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Let’s make the assumption that a company isn’t utilizing an ERP system. As a substitute, they’re utilizing separate programs to perform features for ordering, accounting, inventory, purchasing, and so on. Companies that use such a mannequin have disjointed practices. Essentially, their record maintaining will be all over. This sort of practice seems as follows: you will have to enter an order on a separate system, then print the order, then use a unique system … Read More