Green superfood powder that rocks – Athletic Greens

green superfood powder

Athletic Greens is the best green superfood powder that claims to improve both your mental and physical health. It keeps you charged through the day by providing enough green vegetables and fruits. There are plenty of reasons for you to include Athletic Greens in your daily food supplements. Here are the most important reasons among them:

#1 Green superfood powder with unmatchable combination of ingredients

Athletic Green is a unique combination of ingredients that are well thought and put together. It consists of seventy-five ingredients which you cannot put together in a blender by yourself to prepare a smoothie or a juice. Raw greens, adaptogens, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, prebiotics, probiotics, co-factors, enzymes, mushrooms, micronutrients, and herbs. It comprises of all types of natural substances that will help to improve your overall health, stamina, and immunity.

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#2 Rejuvenates your energy

Energy plays a vital role in helping us to do our daily activities. You need a substantial amount of energy to go to the gym, walk or do physical training sessions. It is also helpful to keep your brain fresh and working through the day. This green superfood powder provides enough energy to pull off even the toughest of physical tasks. Apart from doing the physical tasks your require energy to have a healthy body and mind.

#3 Magical touch of antioxidant

The main function of antioxidants is to counteract the free radicals in our bloodstream which will otherwise cause various health symptoms. The number of free radicals produced by our body is far more than the antioxidants it produces. Therefore it is necessary to consume food items that consist of antioxidants.

The most exciting property of the ingredients used to make this the best green superfood powder is that they all act as wonderful antioxidants. It consists of green tea extract, broccoli flower along with many other herbs that are natural antioxidants.

#4 Immunity and stamina for athletes

Athletes require more immunity and stamina when compared to a normal person. Immunity helps them to have a healthy body so they can give their best performance. Stamina increases the longevity of their performance. Athletes are recommended to consume two servings of this green superfood powder every day (preferably in the morning and afternoon). One serving a day is sufficient for others.

#5 Green superfood powder is the best solution for digestive problems

Athletic Greens is available in a form of a green superfood powder. When you consume it in the form of a drink along with the water it directly goes down to your digestive glands. It consists of 7.2 billions of probiotics from two streams that regulate digestion and reduce inflammation levels. Ashwagandha, which is another important ingredient of Athletic Greens cures constipation and other gastrointestinal disorders.

green superfood powder

#6 Improving mental health

Mental health is as important as our physical health. These days many people suffer from depression, anxiety and stress. This can be due to various factors like unhealthy lifestyle, the pressure in academics and career and so on.

This green superfood powder consists of herbs that are effective in reducing stress level and anxiety. You can see the results within the first five days of using it.

Start using Athletic Greens right away to have a healthy body and mind!



Cannabis seeds – powerful more than you can imagine

Cannabis seeds have a positive effect on health and contain plenty of nutrients:

  • From about 25% simple cannabis proteins, 31% fat and 34% carbohydrate.
  • Source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty unsaturated acids.
  • Contain 22 amino acids including 8 essential amino acids.
  • High content of vitamin A, B (B1, B2, B3, B6), C, E, PP and F.
  • Seeds do not contain LEPEK and Lactose.
  • Source of fiber.
  • Rich in minerals, especially for: MAGNESIUM, IRON, FOSFOR, DUST, CALCIUM, ZINC, JOD, CHROME, SILVER, LITHIUM, DRYING, SULFUR and others …

What are THC and CBD

Hemp contains two major components of THC and CBD. If the THC content of cannabis is less than 0.3%, we talk about technical cannabis, which includes mainly CBD.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) has psychoactive effects and is also the major potent psychoactive ingredient of marijuana. It is not soluble in water, only in fats. It affects brain function by affecting the central brain system, which affects mood, perception, behavior, recognition.

CBD (cannabidiol / cannabidiol) is a non-synergistic component of cannabis, it has significant health effects, but it is not narcotic. They are among the cannabinoids that naturally occur in the human organism (so-called endocanabinoids). Together with other factors, it helps improve the immune system and works well as an anti-stress factor in the body.

Types of cannabis products:

  • seeds peeled
  • oil
  • protein
  • milk
  • tea
  • syrup

Cannabis seeds and their effects:

  • prevention of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • for proper brain development and memory
  • supports proper development of the nervous system
  • in the treatment of psoriasis, eczema and skin diseases
  • regulate cholesterol
  • strengthens the immune system and is a great help for people suffering from cancer, cardiovascular disease, gland stuttering, kidney problems, skin, hair, nails
  • delivers a lot of energy and promotes muscle growth in conjunction with exercise
  • contributes to the treatment of acne, AIDS, cancer
  • natural source of complete proteins (cannabis protein)
  • support the cardiovascular system
  • improve digestive health
  • acts against osteoporosis
  • they benefit from anemia
  • strengthen the immune system
  • it works against cancer
  • regulate hormonal imbalance
  • suitable for autoimmune disorders, including, for example, multiple sclerosis or lupus
  • support the weight loss process
  • has a favorable effect on insomnia
  • source of electrolytes
  • as a prevention of hangover (thanks to the fat content) – help slow the absorption of alcohol
  • cannabis oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin

Cannabis milk and its preparation:

hemp milk is prepared from peeled and peeled hemp seeds. Unpaved cannabis seeds are soaked for 1-2 days (store in the fridge) and then mix in combination with water and then pass over. We can taste banana, Goji , blueberries and other fruits, we can finish with honey, molasses or Agave , etc.

Cannabis ointment

Dried or fresh pulp of hemp leaves and flowers and pharmaceutical cosmetic grease. Mix approximately one part of the plant and two parts of the grease.

First, dissolve the vaseline in the water bath and then add the hemp to it. Heat for approximately an hour, occasionally mixing the mixture. Then let macerate the next day. We warm up again, this time only briefly, and filter through a cloth. Pour the obtained solution into the container in which we want to store the ointment. The product has a greenish color that is directly proportional to the amount of plant used. Store in a cool place, preferably in the refrigerator.

Superfood – another superfood fruit most people don’t know #2

This is a second article about guarana. Please make sure you read also the first one.

Use of Guarana and its effects

The South American tribes roasted the seeds and then mixed them into a water paste that remarkably resembled chocolate. This mixture was then used for various diseases or as an external wound mask. They also used it as a stimulant or for chronic diarrhea. Guarana helps fight fatigue, improves concentration and memory. It helps against depression, anxiety and harmonizes the central nervous system. Guarana also helps with headaches and soothes migraine symptoms. It has analgesic, antioxidant, antibacterial and hyperglycemic effects. Guarana detoxifies blood, destroys free radicals and helps lower blood pressure. Guarana also reduces appetite. After prolonged use, it can rejuvenate the skin and help with heart problems. Millions of Brazilians help overcome heat fatigue, and in Peru, among other things, they are used for high blood pressure, migraine or rheumatism.

Guarana is a very popular companion for students who have a maturity test or a challenging test period, and people whose payout is directly proportional to their performance. Guarana acts as an oasis for the brain, it can accelerate brain processes, improve focus, memory, and consume the mind. Guarana also helps to strengthen nerves. Many students appreciate their effects and consider their use almost as a necessity.

To make the guarana really effective, it is important to meet these conditions. The preparation should be taken best every morning immediately after waking up if you feel tired or exhausted. It is important to follow the recommended daily dose and in no case exceed it. With long-term use, tolerance arises, so the bark must be removed for a while and then resumed.

Guarana and side effects

If you follow the recommended dosage, side effects occur rarely, not at all. However, if you miss a dose and any of these effects appear, consult a doctor immediately. Allergic reactions including breathing difficulties, swelling of the lips, tongue or face, irregular heartbeat or chest pain may occur. Less severe side effects include heartburn, stomach upset, loss of appetite, constipation or diarrhea, nervousness, irritability, anxiety, insomnia or headache. Overusage may cause stomach pain, vomiting, and shaking. Guarana should not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women, people who are sensitive to caffeine and children. Among the benefits of Guarana we also include the ability to suppress a sense of hunger.

Guarana and weight loss

So far, the myth has been that guarana is an excellent means of weight loss, but unfortunately it is not. Guarana can stimulate our body, awaken energy and relieve the feeling of hunger. It can help with hunger attacks in diets, but it simply does not burn excess pounds. Guarana speeds up metabolism, but it does not contribute to a simpler fat burning. However, the advantage of Guarana is that it does not cause almost no side effects, if only slightly and exceptionally.

Guarana and cultivation

Cultivation of guarana requires a specific environment. Because it is a tropical plant, it needs enough moisture and heat. Guarana is a magnificent adornment of a vast garden or tropical greenhouse. Cultivation is very similar to grapevine. First, the seedlings are placed at a distance of 2×2 meters and are regularly cut. The substrate should contain gravel or sand for good permeability. Seeds bake to a depth of about 1.5 cm and for better germination it is recommended to immerse the seeds in hot water for several hours. Seeds of Guarana require warmth and plenty of sunshine. When the seeds germinate, they must grow red. Treated seedlings must have tropical conditions.

Guarana – another superfood fruit most people don’t know

Guarana is a climbing wooden creeper that grows up to 12 meters high. The leaves are green, licorice and oval in shape. Flowers are tiny and have a white or greenish color. They grow up in grapes. The fruit is a small, red capsule of deep red color. In the middle there is a black grain covered with a fleshy peel. Its appearance resembles a blue eye. Legend says that the Indian child was killed by a snake and his eyes gave birth to fetuses. Guarana grows in South America, specifically in Venezuela, Brazil and Uruguay along the Amazon River. At present, it is grown on huge plantations, but 80% of the harvest is made of wild trees in the middle of the Amazon jungle.


History of Guarana

The legend says that this plant has the blessing and power of the divine being. This plant has been discovered by indigenous Indians, and for centuries they have known its beneficial power. They were preparing different medicines, foods or drinks, and played an important role in their cultures. The name of guarana is derived from the Indian Guarani tribe who lived in Brazil and believed that her power was magical and helped them find the lost strength.

For Europe, the Guaranu Jesuit missionary Joao Felipe Bettendorf, who was operating in the Maues River, discovered a guarantor. At the end of the 17th century, he gave his first written report on this plant, describing the original inhabitants of the Amazon jungles and their unprecedented vitality. These Indians, living on the banks of the river, justified their physical and mental resilience to the regular use of guarana. Bettendorf himself tested himself and gave them the truth.

Exploring Guarana

For the first time, the guarana was explored in 1700 by the botanist Theodore von Martius, who isolated the white crystalline substance and named it Guaranin and later renamed caffeine. In 1940, Guarani began to research European scientists who found guarana to aid in headaches, fever, convulsions and acting as an energy tonic. Animal tests in 1998 have shown that guarana is nontoxic even at higher doses. While Indians enjoyed almost all the health problems of the Guarani, Western medicine is still on their way, and ongoing tests slowly but surely show that the Indians have given us a real treasure. A year later, it was confirmed that guarana helps to reduce headaches, migraine and rheumatism.

What Guarana contains

The main ingredient is caffeine. Guarana contains up to 4 times more caffeine than coffee beans. It also contains tannins, vitamins A, B1, B3, C and E, minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium phosphorus, trace elements such as selenium and strontium and amino acids.

What Guarana is used for

Guarana was highly prized for its healing effects as well as for artwork. Fruits have traditionally produced rings, necklaces, earrings, various amulets, figurines of men, women and animals, or even groups of the whole village. European immigrants like to decorate their houses and cottages with guarana fruits. Since the 1980s, the popularity of the guarana has grown steadily and is now one of the most popular plants in South America. In Brazil, it is called a national drink and Brazilian laborers drink this drink daily to be able and strong in their hard work.

Superfood – Chia seeds


Chia is one of the most important and useful superfood even thought most people don’t know it yet these days. Chia, grew earlier as a one-year-old herb, whose height is about a meter, and at the end of each stem has purple or white flowers.

chia plant

Chia seeds – natural oilseed (contains 30% of oils), incredibly rich in nutrients. These seeds are a source of minerals, proteins, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids that prevent nutrient deficiency in the body, increased by physical activity and stress.

Chia is a great supply of calcium

Owing to their sifting abilities, seeds, naturally, increase the amount of food without additional energy. Seeds of chia contain 5 times more calcium than milk, 3 times more iron than spinach and 15 times more magnesium than broccoli. Chia are referred to as “Aztec runner and warrior food”. One handful of seeds delivers energy for the whole day. Chia was among the oldest Aztecs, Mayas and Incas one of the three most important foods along with corn, beans and amaranth. It was a key part of the diet, so it has been served both for religious rituals and as a currency. The Aztecs believed that these seeds gave them a huge, almost superhuman power. Chia seeds gave them strength and endurance in harsh mountain conditions and relatively warm climates, protection from dehydration, physical and mental exhaustion. Chia seeds are correctly called superfoods.

Chia for athletes

Chia is a great supply of calcium needed for the normal development and functioning of the musculoskeletal system of children, athletes, and to prevent the reduction of osteoporosis, especially in postmenopausal women. Studies have shown that seeds contain 5 times more calcium than milk. Calcium is fully absorbed in the body due to the presence of boron in the seeds. Chia acts as a catalyst for calcium absorption and assimilation.

Chia seeds are the source of other minerals: magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, potassium and iron, which are important elements for the formation of many enzymes, hormones and the work of the endocrine system. Studies have shown that Chia seeds contain 3 times more iron than spinach and 15 times more magnesium than broccoli. It is an excellent source of phosphorus for normal functioning of the nervous system and memory.

Potassium prevents muscle spasms, normalizes and stabilizes blood pressure. Zinc activates the immune system, improves muscle performance and is essential for reproduction. Magnesium increases the absorption of calcium and potassium, increases energy, is very important for active people. Copper, manganese, molybdenum, and some others are important components for the formation of many enzymes and hormones and the endocrine system. Chia seeds contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B9, B12 that play an important role in body development, metabolism , cardiovascular and nervous activity.

chia seeds

Chia seeds pros

  • high energy value
  • rich vitamins and minerals
  • rich source of calcium (5300-8300mg / kg) – about 8 times more in milk
  • fiber approx. 34%
  • proteins (16% – 20%), suitable especially for athletes
  • 30% fat – omega 3 fatty unsaturated acids (about 60% of the total fat content)
  • they are hydrophilic similar to basil seeds (after soaking for 5-10 minutes a gel is formed into the water) – weighs up to 20 times the water weighs
  • do not contain gluten



There are no well-defined rules or criteria that clearly define the term “superfoods“. Superfoods are such foods – especially fruits and vegetables – whose nutrient content gives them health benefits higher than other foods. See this video to find out more.